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STEVEN WILSON - The Raven that refused to Sing (and other Stories)



1. Luminol 12:10
2. Drive Home 07:37
3. The Holy Drinker 10:13
4. The Pin Drop 05:03
5. The Watchmaker 11:43
6. The Raven That Refused to Sing 07:57

Release Date: 25 February 2013 – KScope


“The Art of Yesterday, the Music of Today”

Some musicians’ inspiration is like a gill flowing upon rocks, it never ends, never stops and always follows the same route. Every time someone has a taste of it, the throat gets cooled by its freshness. If that person goes again tasting that gill the result will be that freshness and always that kind of freshness will be the first and main thought of one’s mind; no matter how many times will drink it. This exactly is happening with the inspiration of Steven Wilson. When you are listening to his music you feel that cool freshness capturing your ears, your mind, your whole self. “The Raven That refused to Sing…” is an outstanding music endeavor honoring the music in its perfection.

The album carries the bright and dark side of Pink Floyd, the piece of King Crimson, the smiled air of Yes and the grace of Genesis. These bands work in the album more as a spiritual motivation driven by Steven and less as an immediate affect. Besides when the musicians who surround Steven have done their best and you can stay more than pleased, the least you can talk about is musicians of the past. Honestly, I don’t glut listening to each one of them. The bass of Nick Beggs which is haunted my mind in the prelude of “Luminol”, all the brasses of Theo Travis with his best performance to me in “Drive Home”. The drumming of Marco Minnemann, who from a simple prock rock section is able to turn to a dark heavy playing when the conditions demand it, the guitar of Guthrie Covan; gentle solos, harmonic acoustic parts and eruptions.

These musicians might tell nothing to those who have no relationship with the prock rock band of nowadays, but listening to their contribution will spur them searching for more. Of course, nothing can characterized as a completed work in the album without the touch of Steven. It’s not only the fact of a great progressive rock album, but also that apart from all the known elements for an album in its kind, it’s sounds cinematic as well. Strange ha? Not at all. If you think of the cinematic “Storm Corrosion” you could easily say that “The Raven…” has a side of that music direction. Listen to the same name song “The Raven…” or feel some parts from the rest of the songs and you will see it.

Truly or not, this album is an absolute company for lonely moments and it demands lonely listening, so that you can etch even the smallest details. The only certain thing is that you are going to love it and call it one of your favorite albums in its genre. The song “The Watchmaker” can accredit absolutely the previous thought. If you want, take this album as a dreamed seabed where you can breathe fearless. Go ahead, dive!

Points: 10 / 10

Review by Dr. Feelgood




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