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STONECAST - Heroikos

Wow! I'm not often really blown away by immense musicianship, technical prowess, original harmonies and powerful vocals...much less by the same band on the same album. But Stonecast, the French power-progressive band has achieved all of that on their new CD "Heroikos". 
The Album starts off strong with "Jakuta (Cult of the Bolthrower)", which has a very nice, fast riff...but clean. After the intro, the vocals of Franck Ghirardi kick in, which are very reminiscent of Matt Barlow of Iced Earth. Next is "The Barbaric Rhyme", which itself could've been a lost track off of 1997's "Something Wicked" album, a galloping anthem to say the least.
While their isn't any filler on this album, other strong highlights include, "Substance" which shows the bands diverse skills...beautiful guitar work on this ballad. This leads into "Of Fire and Ice", an epic metal track. I could cover every track on the CD, but it isn't necessary, you just need this CD in your rotation. NOW!
This band will be opening for Blaze Bayley during his French leg of the tour in March 2014. If your close to any of the tour venues, I would highly recommend you check these guys out.
For fans of:
Iced Earth, Halloween, Metallica, Iron Maiden (especially fans of "Final Frontier")



  1. Jakuta (Cult of the Bothtrowler)
  2. The Barbaris Rhyme
  3. Elysean Winds
  4. Triumph
  5. Substance
  6. Of Fire and Ice
  7. King Unborn
  8. Gods of Dust
  9. The Place
  10. Savage Princess

Release Date:  12 November 2013

Label:  Pitch Black Records


Points: 9 / 10
Review by Scott Bivins


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