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1. Addict
2. Shattered
3. Avenger
4. Visions
5. Never Again
6. Fallen One
7. IX
8. Foolish Pride
9. Have It All

Release Date:  03 December 2012 – Sliptrick Records


With Stoneload there comes a band from sweden (yes…again !) that just exists since 2008 when the members came together to play their first footsteps under another banner.

In 2009 they connected with their actual vocalist Andreas Wikström and so now, that means in 2012 the band offered their first full length album called „Addict“. The bandinfo says that Stoneload will play a mix of real metal and thrash metal.They describe their influences with Pantera, Sepultura, Metallica and so on. Ok, lots of bands do that. So we will see what Stoneload can deserve us….

The band starts with the title track. Typical modern thrash riffing. What surprises here is that Andreas Wikström mostly perfoms with clean vocals. There is no thrash shouting like we know it from million bands and so this makes it nice to listen. The song is played fast forward without changing the ground riffing. Thomas Isaksson knows how to play the guitar but he is not shining out of the masses with his style.

„Shattered“ next comes with more stakkato riffs. Wikström uses more the thrash storyteller mode and performs more aggressive in the refrain. Not a clean sound than before. The band tries to bring some variety in their sound with some tempo changes, but all in all the song is a little boring.

The „Avenger“ is again more directly hitting your face. I have to say that it is unusual to hear such clean vocals in that moder thrash music. As I said it makes it a bit unique but I just don’t know if it really fits to it. Hm…everyone has to decide by himself. In the end the song and the vocals getting more aggression and that is definetely good for the song.

Time for some „Visions“. Balladesque moments in the beginning with guitars and drums that move into real heavy riffing. The song owns dark and doomed vibes, a kind of thrash metal ballad. I cannot tell it in other words, but the vocalist reminds me as a mix of Hetfield and that voice of Nickelback. Crude mix but not that bad. In this song it works very good.

Faster again with „Never Again“. Nothing new, modern thrash sound, midtempo style. The track is always played in the same line, no higher ups and lower downs. Not bad, but far away from being a song to remember.

The rest of the album is mostly in the same style than the songs before. „Fallen One“ is a harmonic speed thrasher. „IX“ is reminding to some old Metallica classics. Acoustic guitars, bay area riffing. Welcome home, Sanitarium !! For that we can call this song one of the album highlight. „Foolish Pride“ and „Have it All“ are solid thrash songs that round up the album without new elements to explore.

Well…“Addict“ is a modern thrash album, well played but without the outstanding ideas and elements to let it shine out of the masses of releases in that style. Andreas Wikström is the one that refreshes the songs with his mostly clean vocals. But…I fear that this is not enough to let the band reaching the next step.

It is really ok for a first release, but next there has to come more own ideas and for my opinion more variety and power in sound. But, as I said, the guys know how to play and Wikström isn’t a bad vocalist. So, I think there is much more talent left as they showed this time.  Stoneload….let the lion break out next !!

Points:  6,5 / 10


Review by Kerbinator




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