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STRIKER - Armed to the Teeth


1. Forever
2. Let It Burn
3. Lethal Force
4. It Could Be Worse
5. Fight for Your Life
6. Land of the Lost
7. Wolf Gang
8. Feed My Fire
9. All the Way
10. Can’t Stop the Rush


Release Date: 

07 July 2012 – Napalm Records


“Too Late for Heroes… Who Says That?”

The music scene of Canada is well known for two things. The first one is Rush and the second one is speed metal. Actually Rush will be left aside, as they belong to another text and not in here. So what is left? Speed metal and get ready with your safe belts on you. Many bands have started their career with an album that it could be perfect, but never happened and that because of its flaws. That gives the chance to each band learn from them and make an attendant album much better. This is what happening in the field of Striker. Their debut was full of promises and yet full of uncontroled gears, but in their new album “Armed to the Teeth” things have turned into the better side. Perfect will be under the sign of time.

To be honest from the beginning, new things or luck of affects are not in here. But who needs them when an album can grab you from the first moment? Who needs them while you are ready to smile during each song of the album? These are the main things that make us appreciate an album and of course the feeling of it. A little bit from Saxon on lyrics, a tidy dose of Judas Priest that you cannot resist and melodies through the speed.

Let’s have a better focus on some songs that are able to make all the djs of the world playing them every night. I will begin with the best song of the album “Lethal Force”. A funky riff close to that of “Metal Gods” that anyone could be jealous of it. While you think that after the half of it you will listen to a usuall solo, you get surprised by that satanic riff and I must tell you that it gives me a sense of something between Mercyful Fate and Slayer. After comes the ultimate hit of the album “Fight for Your Life”. With a so catchy leading riff, you will sing it at once and please forget what it reminds you of. Also as a hit it can be regarded “Let It Burn”. Its induction is common to Saxon songs, but as a song has nothing to do with NWOBHM and its chorus is a fast version of Deep Purple. Excellent thought of the songwriter.

The three songs closing the album are the sacred trinity of high speed. Fast and sharp riffs that you want to start running while listening to them. It seems that Striker have managed to make the legacy of Judas Priest theirs. The ghost riff of “Jawbreaker” will lead them and they will offer us many pleasant moments. Ian Sandercock and Chris Segger face no obstacles and they are two players in one soul. Without any second thought the solo of “Feed My Fire” is the best they have ever played since their EP. Listen to them!

I don’t remember when it was the last time that an album like this made my head exploding. Dan Cleary has helped a lot to this, as he screams where he must, leaving behind the exaggerations. Do to yourself this album as a present if you enjoy speed metal, right now!


Points: 9 / 10

Review by Dr. Feelgood



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