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STUKA SQUADRON -Tales of the Ost




1. Into the Breach
2. Tales of the Ost
3. The Last Resort
4. Stuka Squadron
5. A Cross of Iron
6. On the Volga Bridge
7. Tiger I
8. The Fall
9. Lovecraft
10. Zabulon’s Inferno
11. Lord of Valhalla
12. One Eyed God King
13. We Drink Blood

Release Date: 2012 – Metalbox Recordings


There is not a lot of informations about this band on their website or in any other papers and forums we know.
Stuka Squadron from the UK plays Heavy Metal….hm. Useful as an ungrilled chicken.
It seems that „Tales from the Ost“ is the bands first full length album and tells stories about vampires heading to the east flying the hellish stuka’s….or something like that.
Let the music talk !

„Into the Breach“ starts with a horrified intro, spoken words about the undead, sirens, laughter and old school rock’n roll guitars.
Leading over to the title track. And yes…the band is playing rock’n roll dirty style with most time clear vocals of James Duke Fang-Begley. Remembering to 80′s hard rock bands we found in the states. Great chorus, easy riffing, ear catching melodies. Old KISS can be a starting point to describe the sound.
„The Last Resort“ then is a 2 minute elegy with a storyteller talking about soldiers and blood before the „Stuka Squadron“ starts. „Vorsicht, Vorsicht..wie verlieren an Höhe“ – german words in the beginning. Midtempo swinging rock’n roll song. Good guitar bridge before the refrain. In the middle the song slows down with elegian guitars and whispering vocals. A kind of rock’n roll epic. Great song….but the vocals cannot hold the heights in some moment.

It seeems that the band puts an intro before every main song. So „A Cross of Iron“ forwards the story again with spoken words before we arrive „On the Volga Bridge“. The guitars playing homage to Deep Purple. From the base of pure hard rock to galopping guitars in the refrain.

„Tiger I“ starts with a bass intro and the guitars create a sound of sirens. Simple riffs, slow and historic. A little boring before the refrain. But then with lots of breaks the song becomes a real slow tempo smasher. Good guitar solo rounds up an interesting song cause of its structures. Could be better with better vocals.

Next intro to come….“The Fall“. Gunfight in the back, tragic melodies and vocals about the fallen soldiers, senseless and cruel. But the vampires rise….
„Lovecraft“ points with great guitar work. Dark and mighty sounds. Slower rhythms speeding up when heading to the refrain. Twin vocals as we know it from the traditional hard rock bands. A mix between harmonies and strange arrangements. Partly a singalong song.

An 8-minute long track to follow….“Zabulon’s Inferno“. Dark and doom riff, very heavy, opens it, before the leads in best Maiden tradition forward the song. Remembers a little to Iron Maiden in Killers times. Straight ground theme, supplemented with great vocal performance. Fullfilled with harmonies. Not really an inferno….interrupted with a silent sequence and sung spoken words meeting drums in the middle. Epic elements supported by great guitar solo parts.
The varied song so far. Reference track for Stuka Squadron, that contains all the band stands for. The ultimate highlight of the album.

Short acoustic guitar intermezzo with „Lord of Valhalla“. The storyteller is back to continue the story.
And it continues with the „One Eyed God King“. Quiet and restrained beginning. Followed by cool rock’n roll guitar leads. James Duke tries to bring more dirt behind his vocals. A song with a lot of street credibility. Dirty, direct from the smoke and dust of the cities undergrounds. In another solo the guitarists show their knowledge again. In summary one ot the straightest songs so far.

Finally „We drink Blood“. A song with more speed kicks out the album. Shouted refrain….really heavy song.

Stuka Squadron are deep rooted in the hard rock world of the 80′s. A cool but twisted concept about wars and vampires is new in the rock world, but the sound could be a lot better.
The funny pseudonyms the musicians own, like Baron Von Hammerstein, Sir Graveghoul Terrorsound, Gravedigger Cox or Lord Graham Pyre do the rest.

Interesting album, not really new sound, but fresh in the arrangements and lyrics.

For fans of legendary hard rock bands and people who like raw and pure rock sounds. With a better production the band can climb the rock ladder some steps higher. We will find out if the next releases appear.


Points: 7 / 10

Review by Kerbinator