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CAGE - Supremacy of Steel



1. Bloodsteel (feat. guest artist Bitterfrost)
2. The Beast of Bray Road
3. King of the Wasteland
4. Metal Empire
5. War of the Undead
6. Flying Fortress
7. Doctor Doom
8. Annaliese Michel
9. Braindead Woman
10. The Monitor
11. Hell Destroyer vs. Metal Devil

Release Date: 25 November 2011 – Music Buy Mail


“The beast is out of the cage and it is hungry!”

Back in the glory days of the legendary ‘90s more and more bands of the US power began creating an ambitious career and the most debuts have left in history while many of those bands now belong to the past. The wave of US power could not hold its identity on an up ground level because of the grunge. Today the left bands try to keep their names high by recording new and worthy albums and Cage are one of those bands. Despite the fact that they recorded their debut seven years after their beginning, they keep on releasing interesting albums, but under the glory of the underground wave, something that does not matter so much their supporters.

The devotees of this sound and of the band are going to love the new album, Supremacy Of Steel. By the title of it you can imagine what to expect and when you will hear “Bloodsteel” you know that you are in a place like your music home. Guitar parts that run without limits and made for being razors so to cut everything in their path, screams from a man who carries all the necessary bullets in his voice. The bullet with the component of Rob Halford and James Rivera and the bullet with the component of screaming as a demand in US power. Sean is one of the greatest singers not only because his vocals are clean and pleasant to us, but also because he is a variform singer, able
to change character from a high vocalist to a low one. Well, there are times that he can sing even higher just like in “Annaliese Michel”, where you think that you hear of King Diamond soul wondering through it. A mysterious beginning and a fast continuity and crazy high vocals for extreme situations!

Without doubt Cage know very well to write good songs with beautiful choruses which have the advantage to stay in mind by the first listening and one of the examples is “King Of The Wasteland”. A good chorus together with a melodic rhythm section is always a reason to love a song even if the rest album has nothing to offer, but this is not happening here. Even “Metal Empire” which carries a multiused title for a song is attractive enough so to adopt a character of a boy 16 years old and start screaming, headbanging and keeping your fist high in the air. Ok, I think now it is time to return into reality.

Also, I have a strong belief that the production in here is more a live one rather than of a studio, may because the band wants to prepare the listeners for a live performance. This is not bad, on the other hand gives a different sense from a usual studio production and moreover you can hear the bass parts more clearly than any other time. These parts show obviously the meaning of the bass as an instrument, especially in fast songs like “Hell Destroyer Vs Metal Devil”, speed and your hair get dried if they are wet.

If you liked the new Vicious Rumors then be ready for another heavy moment and of course made of steel. I do not think Cage will ever disappoint their fans, they are always on the top for them, but according to me they have not managed yet to be among the big names and in the end may this is good and so bad, because the demands of another level may lead them to something that does not fit them.


Points: 8 / 10

Review by Dr. Feelgood


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