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Interview with TARANTULA




Hi, thank you for doin an interview for Metal Fields !!

Your latest album „Spiral of Fear“ was produced and released first in 2010. What was the idea behind a new release as special edition with Ice Warrior Records ?


First of all, i thank you too for this interview, hope you like it.

Well, as far as I know, after the release of “Spiral of Fear“ in Portugal, Ice Warrior Records was interested in the band and wanted to release the album in Germany which we thought was great.

The idea was to add some more stuff to this edition and so it was decided to include an exclusive recent video of the band promoting the first single of the album, “Dark Age“.


As I've been right informed, „Spiral of Fear“ is your eighth album so far since 1987. What do you think was the most successful album in that more than 20 years.


Yes, it’s true, “Spiral of Fear“ is our eighth album.

The “Dream Maker“ album is probably the most successful, so far. At that time it was a big step forward, working with Tommy Newton was very exciting and very challenging for us. In fact, this is one of my favourite albums.


What is the „Spiral of Fear“ ? Tell us more about the story behind this album.


The spiral of fear is nothing more than a mere reflection of what the world is facing right now. Musically we wanted to sound a bit darker and heavier and the main concept is related with fear as we are going through a very unstable period of time.




How would you describe your music ? Power Metal like some magazines name it or more a kind of dark metal ?


To be honest we never think about this. From album to album we try to improve here and there and try to sound fresh and exotic without being radical with what we’ve been doing musically. In my opinion we are just a Heavy Metal Band.


Your drummer Luis Barros was also producing the album. I think, he did a good job. Is it your deal to produce by yourself or only a question of high costs if working with an external producer?


Thanks, I agree with you. In fact Luis did a great job and we are very happy with the album. I think both situations are very important in these days in order to avoid high costs with producers and studios. We are very fortunate to have our own studio and Luis Barros as a producer, he knows the band like no one else.


The metal scene in Portugal is not known much in the metal world. What would you say where the metal music in your homeland stands today ? Are there other bands we should know too?


I guess metal music in Portugal stands like in any other country although we are a very small country with a very limited music market. So, as you can imagine it’s not easy to “keep the flame alive“ for many years. There are bands that deserve to be mentioned each one in its style like Iberia, Ramp, Moonspell, Attick Demons, Drakkar, Web and many others.


Cause of your deal with Ice Warrior you think with that deal there is a chance to show more presence in germany with touring ?


Let’s hope so, who knows? We are looking forward to returning to your country and to share our music with the German audience...


In the song credits for „Spiral of Fear“ we find the whole band. Only your bassplayer Jose Aguiar is never named there. is work shared in Tarantula. Who is responsible for the music, who for the lyrics ?


Usually, Paulo and Luis are responsible for the music. I am responsible for the lyrics and for the vocal melodies. This time, José could not be present in the whole process but he added some good bass lines.




As told before.....“Spiral of Fear“ is an album from 2010. So...can we expect a new release soon now 2 years later ?


To be honest, i can’t tell you when. Right now Paulo Barros is working on a new solo album. I confess that i’m already studying the subject for the next album.


Do you work in any civil jobs besides your work with Tarantula ?


Yes we have and they are all related with arts. In my case I also have a career as an art painter and give vocal lessons. Paulo and José are both guitar and bass teachers, Luis is a producer and also works as a stage director in one of the most important venues in Portugal, the Coliseum in Oporto.


Thunder tunes from Lusitania“ a slogan from your websites. A statement please about that.


Well, the meaning of this is the same as “Thunder tunes from Portugal“. Lusitania was and is often used as an alternative name for Portugal.


Any tour planned in 2012 you can tell us here ? Or even some festivals ?


Recently, we’ve been playing in several Portuguese festivals. As for a foreign tour, we are waiting for some contacts in Spain and in The US but nothing is yet confirmed.


When I listen to the last album I can hear out some different, maybe darker vibes than in the releases before. I mean...I think you are not limited in your music and try to find new ideas in arrangements everytime. Can you agree with that and what does it mean for the upcoming works?


Thanks... I am very pleased with your point of view and i completely agree with it.

I mean, our goal is always to improve and give the best of ourselves. We try to bring some exotic elements into our music, adding some new atmospheres to the songs according to the subject. We always feel addicted to new sounds and new vibes, so, it’s a continuous challenge.


Anything you want to tell us as finishing this interview ?


Thanks to Metal Fields for the interest in Tarantula.

All the best from Portugal. Rock On!!!!!!!!!!!!


Interview by Kerbinator for Metal Fields