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THE BOURBONS - Best Amazing Reasons



1. Best amazing reasons
2. Undress me eyes
3. Red lips black widow
4. Shining away
5. Brand new taste
6. Flavour
7. Money honey
8. Let me in
9. Lady queen
10. Roller dice
11. Shining away (acoustic)
12. Blend

Released: 2012 – STF Records


„If you get bored of being what you are, go ahead, there’s a really nice bar“ – with this message the portuguese are directly rockin’ from the bar. The fondness to this location has the four piece to be influenced to their band’s name „The Bourbons“. „Best amazing reasons“, short B.A.R is carried by the many times repeated, above named refrain, the variable vocals of Nelson Fontes and the increase of tempo with a guitar solo in the middle. Time for a first draft. Also the easy but sexy cover artwork fits perfectly to this theme and I don’t only mean the whiskey barrel.
„Undress me eyes“ is groovin’ more blues-rock orientated through my ear conch. But it isn’t immediately kickin’ me from the bar stool…better heading to search these eyes.
What I find therefore are „Red Lips, Black Widow“. Funky guitars supporting the good song start. But with the annoying refrain the lips are fading soon. Ok….watching the attendant video as an alternative. Top Model Andrea Alfana is compensating this rock bottom as black widow with her red lips.
„Shining away“ starts expectant with a wall of guitars, but it break sadly down with the vocals.
Bummer ! Next time please high up the regulators…not the glasses. But again I take another draft. And why is there also an acoustic version of „Shining away“ on this CD ? Because it didn’t reach for the third good executation.
Against it „Brand new taste“ deserves briskly bluesrock again and „Flavour“ appears from the same oak barrel. Probably with „Money Honey“ is less to gain. Lamenting too slow and boring here and my throat gets dry. „Let me in“ is refreshing me again…supported by the yellow golden liquid in my glass.
The acoustical ballad „Lady Queen“ is perfectly done for closing the eyes and dream or for a break to pee. I do the last thing cause I also watched the video for this song before on YouTube.
Is there still going on something ? Yes, cause „Roller Dice“ is tasting great for every bluesrocker.
A midtempo song, that also will taste good after years….like a bourbon. „Blend“ kicks you out of this album…in the truest sense of the word. Only the acoustic guitar, the vocalist and I are paying homage to their favourite drink at the bar.
Cheers !

Points: 6,5 / 10

Review by Metalvurry



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