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GRAVE DIGGER - The Clans Will Rise Again



1. Days of Revenge
2. Paid in Blood
3. Hammer of the Scots
4. Highland Farewell
5. The Clans Will Rise Again
6. Rebels
7. Valley of Tears
8. Execution
9. Whom the Gods Love Die Young
10. Spider
11. The Piper Mcleod
12. Coming Home
13. When Rain Turns to Blood

Release Date: 01 October 2010 – Napalm Records


Grave Digger will be Grave Digger !! Almost the same sound since years…and will they proof with their new album „The Clans will Rise again“ that they still got the rights to be part of the top metal scene ?

The instrumental intro „Days of Revenge“ immediately tells us, where to go with this album and its 13 tracks. Bagpipes appear and lead the listener to the scottish highlands where a rough wind blows.
And it comes on this album with hard metal riffs, forward pushing doublebass and catchy melodies.
And like a storm the first two songs „Paid in Blood“ and „Hammer of the Scots“ arise. Lots of tempo that continues with „Highland Farewell“, a song more in midtempo.
After that the titletrack brings more heaviness, including a great guitar solo.
Instead of two guitar players like on the last albums, Grave Digger today tries it after line up changes with only one. For that the sound seems lighter than before. But Chris Boltendahl and his perfomance ties that like heard on „Rebels“.
„Valley of Tears“ becomes a beautiful stomping hymn with lots of rhythm changes. „Execution“ first starts with violins and balladesque moments but soon the song changes to a real power metal smasher.
Then „Whom the Gods love“ appears slower in tempo. In „Spider“ the storm comes up again, speedful with frickeling guitars.
Like the name tells, the bagpipes play the leading role for a short time in the „The Piper McLeod“ intermezzo.

Grave Dinger bring a lot of variety of sound on their new album, but not with the well known hardness of albums back in time. But that doesn’ mean that this is not a must have for all the fans of the band. The album is good and well produced. Good enough to celebrate the bands 30-years anniversary with full force.
Cheerz !!


Points: 8 / 10

Review by Kerb


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