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OVERKILL - The Electric Age




1. Come and Get It
2. Electric Rattlesnake
3. Wish You Were Dead
4. Drop the Hammer
5. Save Yourself
6. Black Daze
7. 21st Century Man
8. Old Wounds, New Scars
9. All Over But the Shouting
10. Good Night

Release Date: 27 March 2012 – Nuclear Blast


“Electricity to the bone”

Suppose that someone who has no idea of Overkill wants to find out who they are and do it by listening to their new album, as it is the theme of today. In the beginning, he will take a look at a photo of the band in the year of 2012. Their faces will seem somehow old from the wear of the years and he will think “what can they offer me, so that I will begin listening to them?”. The point with Overkill is not what they can do, but that they can do it once again, just like they did it in 1985, 1988 and 1989. They synthesize music on the way they want and attack fearless, knowing that they have nothing to lose.

This band is from those that we call work – maniacs and this because every one or two years they have had a new recording, doing every time their will. Of course there was a period during when their albums could not reach the high anticipations that they created when they began as a band. After the album of 2010 “Ironbound” they became the lords of themselves and of the stage and they erupted for second time their metal image. Covering their second era of youth they smash heads on their path, get in the ring with a fighting disposal in their second album. This fighting disposal is obvious by the addictive intro of the first song “Come And Get It”. In this song they have no problem to use something from Accept and this is what makes you warmer.

Apart from the ideal opening there is an ideal ending too. Actually there is a sweet kiss for good night, which is mainly based on the intro of “Good Night” which pays honor to the teacher guitarists and they show from where everything began. But be careful, you must not get carried away by this acoustic part because with the entrance of that sharp riff you will get unprepared.

Almost all the songs have a fast rhythm, but not always on the same way and it is something logical, or else boredom will take part. On the other hand in an album like “The Electric Age” boredom and Overkill cannot be together. I guess the most of us had a fresh idea from the album by the first single “Electric Rattlesnake”, a song in which the band put a lot of things. Although there are and other perfect moments just like “Save yourself”, the fastest song with lyrics full of high importance, “Drop The Hammer Down” with an epic NWOBHM passage, “21st Century Man” with a chorus in which behind Bobby you feel that Udo is and screams “flash rockin’ man”. Do you know what all these and the rest songs are? Diamonds of the present.

Except Bobby, who is spitting fire when he sings and if you dare try to scream like him without losing your voice and the others, I want to write more things about D.D. Verni. We have to admit that he is one of the best bass players in a metal band and this because he is playing on a way that you want to hear him in every second. But also he is the man behind the sound of the album, of the band. This perfect sound on every instrument could not have been achieved if it was not him.

These are Overkill, five men playing metal and flattening everything on their way. Whatever you are listening to, whatever you like, it is not easy to resist their rhythm, their strength, their passion, their will for great and sure things!


Points: 9 / 10

Review by Dr. Feelgood