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THE FORSAKEN - Beyond Redemption



1. Beyond Redemption
2. Only Hell Remains
3. Foul Messianic Grace
4. No Dawn Awaits
5. There Is No God
6. As We Burn
7. As We Have Sown
8. The Light Divine
9. Force Fed Repentance
10. Blessed with Wrath

Release Date:  29 June 2012 - Massacre Records


From Landskrona the new album of The Forsaken comes nearer slowly and unstoppable. Even it you could stop it, would you do ? Surely not, cause the work of the swedish assures (nearly) on the whole album.

Without an annoying intro it starts at once with the speed of a attacking rhino, the titletrack blows effortless the dust from your speakers. Against this „Only Hell Remains“ is taking speed a little and is more focussed on groovy the refrain we can nearly talk about melodies. The most alternation brings my favourite „As we burn“. Fast riffing, melodic bridges, playful solo ? All here...all perfectly worked out.

The songwriting is supported by a mighty production, with pressure but not overloaded.

Also the growls of Anders Sjöholm directly hit my taste. The only point to criticize: The album cannot really break away from those of other death metal bands...something special is missing.

Is „Beyond Redemption“ a must have album ? No...but it is also definetely not a mistake.


Points: 7 / 10

Review by Matthias Anthes (Metal Aschaffenburg)

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