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SORROWS PATH - The Rough Path of Nihilism



1. All Love Is Lost
2. The Beast (S.P.R.)
3. Honestly…
4. Fetish
5. Dirty Game
6. Mr. Holy
7. Getting Closer
8. Queen of Doom
9. Prostitute
10. Hymn of Differentiation
11. Empty Eyes and Blackened Hearts
12. Nihilism


Released: 29 October 2010 – Rock It Up Records


“Never forget that doom rules eternally”

Sorrows Path were born in 1993 and till today apart from their full – length The Rough Path Of Nihilism they have released a demo and a compilation which cannot show clearly the music style of the band as it presented in their first album.
The cause of this situation is the “black” and painful past of the band, facts that prevented the members from presenting their abilities, but all this pain has been the suitable food for thought and the result is all the songs, you can feel it from every riff, every lyric and every unique moment. Besides, it is known that the
pain is the best company for a musician and history is the right witness for that.

So, you have a band and you say that your style is doom metal, what kind of songs should listeners expect? Songs about happiness, technology or fishing? Absolutely nothing common to those thoughts. Doom metal has to do with sad moments, black seasons and difficult situations and in here everything is clear, this album could
not be heard differently. The acoustic beginning of “All love is lost” hexes anyone from the first moment and the powerful continuity attracts you to show a bigger interest in the album and the band too. Songs like “The beast (s.p.r.)”, “Fetish” and “Mr. Holy” are from the easiest songs in doom with dark riffs and mourning atmosphere and these make them special and beautiful.

In this album you will find a general atmosphere of Candlemass, Memento Mori and small and not so obvious parts of U.S. metal, but this must not make think and say “I do not have to listen to it as it is something same to the past”. I have to inform you that the doom metal that this album reproduces is the one that is missing from
the last years and yet different from the past as the modern atmosphere is the sticker of the album. I am not writing those words to impress you or the band, but because I listen to it more often than I could expect and this means a lot, I hope you understand me.

The best songs wait to be heard in the end. “Queen of doom” addicts any ear and makes anyone want to learn the lyrics, but the most beautiful moment is in “Prostitute”. The chorus, which sticks at once to the brain, the basic riff, the lyrics and the solo declare that there is not any song in the past written like this one. You are going to love it. Honestly, the weight that the album has on lyrics is really good and this is very important, because if you want to synthesize a great album you have to work hard on the lyrics apart from the music.

“Empty eyes and blackened hearts”, a title which offers many meanings and a song that proves through its lead parts and rhythm sections the great work of Kostas Salomidis on guitars, a man who still hurts and yet he creates majestic music, which would be somehow half if it was not the voice of Angelos Ioannidis, atmospheric vocals and robust too. His style shows that he is the one this place.

Do not wait from the big names to do the big step, doom metal cannot change, but it can be modernized and Sorrows Path do this on the right way. Give them the chance, they deserve it and if you will not do that, you will lose and all the others we will be pleased!


Points: 8 / 10

Review by Dr. Feelgood

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