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THE SILENT RAGE  - Harvester of Souls



1. Perished in Flames

2. Inner Scars

3. Leading the Legions

4. Harvester of Souls

5. Wings of Tragedy


Release Date:  2011 - self produced


The improvement that the Greek power metal scene has done the last ten years is incredible and now we the Greek listeners can be proud of our musicians who are able to look the big names in the eyes. One of the future bands in power is The Silent Rage come from Athens and after a demo and their first EP The Silent Rage in 2009 now they are going to release their second EP Harvester of Souls before their first full-length called Inner Scars.

The EP contains 3 songs of the past and 2 new. All the songs are fast and the quickness of the album holds your ears wide open; it is not easy to listen to it and not having the will to do that again. The main characteristics of this EP are the riffs, unstoppable and combine the clues of the US power in the songs “Perished in Flames” and “Harvester of Souls” with those of the German one in the rest songs. But these clues are just a small detail which is covered by the personal identity the band has. You may hear some characteristics of Rage from the old good days in the song “Inner Scars”, but do not try to find for any imitations.

Another basic characteristic of The Silent Rage that I cannot remember if I have heard it before in power metal is that apart from the great vocals of Dionisis Contis you can also hear the harsh vocals of the guitar player Nikos Siglidis through the refrains such as in “Wings of tragedy”, something that gives a pleasant tone in the songs. Do not care about the sound because this EP is self-produced by the band and in this case we must care more about the details and these are the songs.

I believe that with this EP the band will gain the attention of the people, they need some time to show more things of their qualities. Harvester of Souls is the beginning of a great career I can say and as we are used to saying in Greece «The beginning is just the half of everything»!

Points:  8 / 10

Review by Dr. Feelgood




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