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TRAITOR - Thrash Command


01 Thrash Command
02 Brutal Exorcism
03 Merciless Hate
04 Death Division
05 Virtual Tormentor
06 Spiritual Warfare
07 Traitor
08 Raising Hell
09 Temples Of Doom
10 F.U.A.D.
11 Thrash Kommando (Bonus)


21 April 2012 - Self-Released


"From thrashers to thrashers"

How many know who Traitor are? I suppose only those who have heard of their demos or have seen them on stage around Germany. For the rest of us Traitor is a band from Balingen of Germany and play pure German thrash on its traditional way.

They do not do anything new and they do not try to achieve anything modern about metal. They just follow the steps of other young bands just like Suicidal Angels by borrowing the legacy of Kreator, Sodom and in some songs of Paradox. But as a thrash metal band they try to keep under secresy some clues of Slayer. You can realise without listening to them what they are made of by the title of their debut "Thrash Command".

May some say "why should I listen to them?". Well if you are a listener of the german thrash metal, then the chance is in your hands. I am not saying that you are going to love them by the first listening, but as soon as you listen to songs like "Brutal Exorcism", "Death Division" and "Spiritual Warfare" then you will begin a relatioship with them. Also Traitor is the band that will get you in mind Exciter and this because their singer, Andreas Mozer, is playing drums at the same time. Rare but succeded!

Gerd Hery and Robin Mauser keep the flame of thrash/speed guitars burning. The same name song of the band "Traitor" is by far my favorite track that has the ability to make me smash everything around me. What completes the strength of the album is the production of Vaggelis Maranis. He did not put any moderns elements, he did not try to create a sound that does not fit the band, but he was the right person for the best sound. Clean, traditional and pure!

That's a frsesh creed of a thrash band that can do great things in the future. What made me stay calmer was the absence of solos, but I suppose that in their nexts albums we will find many of them. Sharp debut!


Points: 7 / 10

Review by Dr. Feelgood

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