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EXCITER - Thrash Speed Burn



1. Thrash Speed Burn
2. Demon’s Gate
3. Evil Omen
4. Hangman
5. In Mortal Fear
6. Crucifixion
7. Betrayal
8. The Punisher
9. Massacre Mountain
10. Rot the Devil King

Release Date: 22 February 2008 – Massacre Records


Exciter were founded 1978 by guitarist John Ricci and drum monster and vocalist Dan Beehler.
Their debut album called „Heavy Metal Maniac“ was published in 1983 and the music world was astonished cause of the never heard hardness and speed.

After different failures, band split up’s and line up changes, John Ricci is keeping Exciter alive as the last founding member. Even that Jaques Belanger disappeared again in 2006 couldn’t end the band. With Kenny Winter on the mic the canadian metal institution published their first album since eight years, called „Thrash Speed Burn“.

The biggest question was, if the new vocalist can fill the huge footsteps of the former charismatic singer. The definetely answer is…Yes !! Kenny Winters vocals sounds like a mix of Blitz Ellsworth from Overkill and Katon W. Pena of Hirax and it fits to the band 100 %.

It also was sure that Exciter will not let any questions musically and in quality unanswered. Even the both albums before, „Dark Command“ and „Blood of Tyrants“, could assure the fans without any doubt.

„Thrash Speed Burn“ is continuing seamlessly to the last album. The four lumberjacks still deserve merciless and unpolished simple thrash metal like no other band does. Only John Ricci is able to create those neckbreakers like „Demon’s Gate“, „Rot the devil king“or the pumping „In mortal fear“ cause of his energized guitar play without comparisons. Songs like that animate every fan of the band to bang his head and bring a smile to their faces.

With the dusky „Crucifixion“ and „Evil Omen“ the band also offers two sagging tracks in the tradition of „Blackwitch“. All elements good Exciter songs need were packed in it.

The whole material doesn’t have to hide behind the bands classics. Sure…the album will not reach the class of the debut or some others…but it’s one of the better ones in Exciters discography.

„Thrash Speed Burn“ brings fun from the first to the last minute and full compensates the long waiting time. Kenny Winter won his fire baptism as substitute of Jaques Belanger with bravery.


Points: 8 / 10

Review by Kerbinator




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