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THRESHOLD - March of Progress



1. Ashes
2. Return of the Thought Police
3. Staring at the Sun
4. Liberty Complacency Dependency
5. Colophon
6. The Hours
7. That’s Why We Came
8. Don’t Look Down
9. Coda
10. Rubicon

Release Date: 31 August 2012 – Nuclear Blast



It took five years since „Dead Reckoning“, the last album of Threshold. And now the long awaited ninth album „March of Progress“ arrived. The band was founded at the end of the 80′s and with their first album „Wounded Land“ they had a successful debut. Caused by a unique combination of heavy metal and prog rock which they made to their own, characteristic style that was different from the sound of that times.

After the release of „Dead Reckoning“ original vocalist Damian Wilson returned to the band for a phase of extensive touring and so he substituted former vocalist Andrew „Mac“McDermott, who tragically died on 3rd of August 2011. In case of their 20th anniversary the brits published „Paradox-The Singles Collection“, a high quality boxset with high collectors value, in 2009.

Line Up:
Damian Wilson – vocals
Karl Groom – guitars
Pete Morten – guitars
Steve Anderson – bass
Richard West – keyboards
Johanne James – drums

It is difficult to highlight single songs, the whole album is straight great one. You are be spoilt of choice which song you like more, every single one is unique.

With „Ashes“, the first radio single, Threshold created a great opener. It will attract the listener to the radios. The album satisfied me with the first listening. If you hear, how easily every musician is able to work with his instrument than you know what I mean. It’s high class and extreme complicated composed music that will stay in your ears for a long time. Also the voice of Damian Wilson comes to it’s own perfectly. His voice and sound diversity is unmatched in rock business.
The album was produced by Karl Groom and Richard West in Thin Ice Studios. So you can find out what brilliant works can be created if you have all in your own hands and no other producer wants to place his stamp on it. The melodie curves assured me, the tempo changes and the music styles that alternates easily. In some parts it remembers to Dream Theater and old Saga songs.
Especially how Johanne James plays easy sounding but extreme difficult drum parts with high accuracy let get every drummer on his knees.
First class musicians at work that play perfectly together without trying to beat the others.

Especially Damian Wilson can proof what he can do with his voice. For me he is one of the best vocalists in rock music now. But I have to say that the voice is even better live on stage. For that Damian is now one of the most working vocalist that I know. He works for Headspace, Maiden United, Arjen Lucassen and more.

Those who like Dream Theater, Saga and Arjen Lucassen will not fail to order this album.
A must have for every rock and progressive music lover.

Summary: An album that definetely have to find a place in your cd racks !!


Points: 10 / 10

Review by Angel



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