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THRESHOLD - Wounded Land (special Edition)




1. Consume to Live
2. Days of Dearth
3. Sanity’s End
4. Paradox
5. Surface to Air
6. Mother Earth
7. Siege of Baghdad
8. Keep it with Mine
1. Intervention
2. Conceal the Face
3. Shifting Sands

Release Date:  2012 – Nuclear Blast


After the big success of the latest Threshold album “March of Progress” Nuclear Blast publishs special editions of all albums 19 years after Threshold’s first one containing additional stuff. And “Wounded Land” is the start up…
If you listen to this album you will understand why it hit the earth like a bomb at that time. It was new and spectacular music though they were compared with Dream Theater and Queensryche. It’s a different kind of music. Especially the voice of Damian Wilson and what it can express is unbelievable.

“Consume to Live” – the first song of the album – starts a bit oriental. A powerful song that brings lust for more. Also “Sanity’s End” is an art of work in upper class style with tempo changes that offer the huge competence of the musicians. Not wondering that this album gained a lot of respect. Eight wonderful songs without radio compatibilty in length. So they can spread their magic.  This kind of music is not for listening along the way, the tracks have to be relished. For me this is a good thing. Best with the booklet in your hands and loud, cause your neighbours should also participate.

There are three additional tracks called “Intervention”, “Conceal the Face” and “Shifting Sands” on this edition that were never published before. The last two were only available on the “Paradox”-box for the fanclub.

The entire album is mixed new and also for those who own the original version an appreciable improvement.

“Wounded Land” is a must have for all the fans and those who will become. One of the best debut albums of all times and Threshold are deservedly announded one of the best progmetal for sure.

I cant’ wait for see them live in 2013.


Points:  9,5 / 10

Review by Angel


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