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TIAMAT - The Scarred People



1. The Scarred People
2. Winter Dawn
3. 384 Ekteis
4. Radiant Star
5. The Sun Also Rises
6. Before Another Wilbury Dies
7. Love Terrorists
8. Messinian Letter
9. Thunder & Lightning
10. Tiznit
11. The Red of the Morning Sun

Released: 26 October 2012 – Napalm Records



Tiamat found themselves again. The internalised that they don’t have to proof anything to anyone.
Cause only with this deeply relaxed insight a high relaxing, adult album like „The Scarred People“ can be composed.

The tracks are exclusively held in mid tempo and selective with small instaurations in the Tiamat sound. But they ever can be identified as band typical songs. More than one time I am remembered to the mood of „A Deeper Kind of Slumber“ (the acoustic guitars meets natural sounds song „Tizmit“ could be a follow up for „Kite“, „Winter Dawn“ has light marks of „Cold Seed“).

„The Scarred People“ sound especially and despite of all melancholy more positive and bright.
The highlight of the tenth studio album of the band around vocalist Johan Edlund is the embarrassing dark and unusual „The Red of the Morning Sun“.

„The Scarred People“ is a homogenous album, ideed not with absolute hits but with a inner closed atmosphere that all fans of the newer Tiamat sounds surely will like.


Points: 7 / 10

Review by Michael Klein (Metal Aschaffenburg)

German Review here:  Metal Aschaffenburg




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