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TOXICROSE - ToxicRose (EP)


1. A Song for the Weak
2. Set me Free
3. Follow Me
4. Black Bile
5. Fear Lingers On

Released: 07.12.2012 – City of Lights Records


First self-titled EP from a band from sweden….ToxicRose. If you take a look at the band pics and cause the EP is produced by Martin Sweet of Crashdiet, you know where the way goes. The band infosheet recommends their music to fans of H.E.A.T., Crazy Lixx and similar. But there is more….

For example the shocking outfit of the members as seen on the bandpics. Hairspray metal of hell ?

Are you hard enough for „A song for the weak“ ? Straight forward rock’n roller with great riffing and vocals that immediately catch your ears. Supported by permanent background keys, lightly not overdosed. Vocalist Andy performs in typical Crüe & co style, really catchy and melodic with trips in higher spheres. Good sing-a-long song with a chorus that you will remember. Hard Rock per excellence.

Dreamful keyboard sequence opens „Set me free“. After that the band continues where they started. Straight guitars, twin vocals, some breaks…good handmade job. Songs that are composed for the world’s stages. Some spoken words in the middle bring a little dark effect into the song. Maybe some people will say that the song is too happy….I like it.

Now we have to follow with „Follow me“. Crazy key/drum/guitar part in the beginning. A slower song. Reminds a bit to White Lion with rougher vocals. Great refrain indeed. Ok…sometimes the vocals are a little bit too high, but in summary all fits together and makes it good rock’n roll. The band puts in the synths in a perfect way so that the songs sound really fresh and tight.

Atmospheric, epic sound samples open „Black Bile“. Dark ambient sounds meets straight, hairy hard rock. Some higher screams of Andy don’t hit the point, but thats the only critics to tell. Synthie melodies appear more often here to spread a mystic touch. Interesting song.

„Fear Lingers On“ starts with a hard riff. The band puts all their trademarks again in this final song. Great guitar work, melodic and harmonic vibes, rough vocals, backing keys. A song that surely would have hit the charts back in the 80′s.

Crashdiet, Crazy Lixx and others proved that there is still a wide playground for that kind of rock in the music world. And ToxicRose is on the best way to play a leading role there. This is not only ladies music. This is the sound made for the stages of the world. People that agree with those bands cannot do anything wrong with ToxicRose. If the band can keep or even improve their quality in upcoming releases we will find them soon on top ranking of the hard rock league.

Points: 8 / 10

Review by Kerbinator




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