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GRAND MAGUS - Triumph and Power

Nowadays there are bands that are parts of various cliques and there are Grand Magus. The Swedish band is a category on its own and every new release makes your day, your year and makes your thoughts be more optimistic. They are not trying to experiment with their music nor is this something as needed. “Triumph And Power” cannot be an exception, cannot be a minor sin in their discography.

Keep going from where “The Hunt” ended, “Triumph And Power” is anthemic, addictive, ultra heavy and passionate as well. For one more album the guiders are ravens painting in the sky the initials of albums from ’70s Judas Priest and ancient Manowar (strictly first 3 albums). From the beginning till the ending the album gallops without stopping and the gentle moments of  “Arv” and “Ymer” are the sound of the wind among the trees during the epic storm. Who heard “Steel Versus Steel” and didn’t start posing with an air-guitar till kneeling on the ground? How many times will you need to learn every single word from “Triumph And Power”? Inner strength in “Fight” and “Dominator” and rock n’ roll attitude in “The Naked And the Dead”.

The trio of this band does great things, composes an epicness like which a common one has years to be shown up. And if the whole album is able to make you leave your house and face reality with a smile, the ending “The Hammer Will Bite” with its British Steel vein shall addict you keeping this smile for months. 



  1. On Hooves of Gold
  2. Steel Versus Steel
  3. Fight
  4. Triumph and Power
  5. Dominator
  6. Arv
  7. Holmgang
  8. The Naked and the Dead
  9. Ymer
  10. The Hammer Will Bite

Release Date:  31.01.2014

Label:  Nuclear Blast

Points:  9 / 10

Review by Dr. Feelgood



No fillers, no excuses, just pure heavy/epic metal from three musicians who honor the past, are thirsty for the future and the most important live in the present!



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