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TXL - Angst



1. Rock den Scheiß
2. Trauerregen
3. Ich habe Angst
4. Ich bin so Low
5. Scheiß drauf
6 Dank gilt meiner Fernbedienung
7. Denn der Herr gab uns den Segen
8. Komm mit mir
9. Frei
10. Abschiedslied
11. Dank gilt meiner Fernbedienung (alternative version)

Release Date:  2013 - Riff Raff Records


Admittedly, I am not the greatest fan of music with german vocals. Doesn’t matter if the band is called Rammstein, FreiWild, Böhse Onkels or others. But this doesn’t mean that this kind of music is worse than those with english vocals. It’s only a personal opinion and a review has to be unprejudiced from personal likes. So let’s talk about a fresh band from germany’s capital called TXL. And yes….TXL is the often used ending of Berlin’s airport, which got a lot of (mostly negative) press in the last months. But this hasn’t anything to do with this band’s quality…the band chose TXL as their bandname, cause their practice room lies right near the airport’s runways. Cool thing !!
The other thing is, that the band has a turkish vocalist called Halid. And the management uses this as a marketing label that tells us that this is maybe the first german rockband with a turkish vocalist.
For me it doesn’t matter from what nation a vocalist comes from. The only thing that counts is if the vocals and music have a good sound and quality.
And here comes the first album of TXL…..“Angst“, but don’t be frightened !

„Rock den Scheiss“ is the first plane that is landing. Rock’n roll midtempo riffing in alliance with thrashy or modern metal screams that are changing with Comedian Harmonist-like vocals. I have to say that this combination bring some smiles on my lips. This first moments offer that the band doesn’t seem to take themselves too seriously. The song becomes a rock’n roll session with cool guitar themes and even bar piano elements. Fuckin’ great !! You definetely cannot stand still if listening to the song, if you want or not.

Blues elements are coming up. „Trauerregen“ is raining sadly upon us. Halid is mostly performing as a telephone caller. Nice refrain that also could be from Marius Müller Westernhagen. The guitar is squeezin’. Bluesy rock’n roll par excellence.

Sagging base riff in „Ich habe Angst“. The song remembers me a little to old Knorkator. Halid tells us about what he is frightened of. But without fear that is a song that makes it easy to listen too. Simple arrangements interrupted one time by a crazy guitar solo. Simple song with a refrain to remember.

„Ich bin so Low“ next. Bruce Low ?? AC DC riff to start it. The song only contains the main text line, screamed by Halid and short explanations why the band is „low“. Funny !!

I think the band likes shit ! Here comes another song with a lot of shit in the lyrics, „Scheiß drauf“.
The song itself is a straight rock’n roll smasher, with boogey and southern vibes. Dirty basic guitar leads. Dirty hardrock in perfect performance. The band seems to be pissed, and the song clarifies this.

Now we thank our infrared remot control. „Dank gilt meiner Fernbedienung“ again swims in Knorkator waters. Spoken funny lyrics that are accusing the todays medial world. The band plugs in some crazy ringing computer sounds. In the end the song fades out with a Die Toten Hosen part.
Die Toten Hosen meet Knorkator, ha ha. Well done !

Sinners Swing now !! „Denn der Herr gab uns seinen Segen“ is fluffily swinging through the speakers. The funny refrain makes us laugh a lot. Blues swing with fun lyrics. Are we saints or are we sinners ? Doesn’t matter cause god gave us his blessings and so we can happily fly through the atmospheres. And the atmosphere here is free, sunny and peaceful (??)…

Come with me now to „Komm mit mir“. We are back in basic rock’n roll. Straight rhythms leading to a short but acute refrain. Later the band is dealing with some strange guitar sounds ending in a lightly chaotic solo. But all fits to the bands rock’n roll aura, that always builds the base of their songs. Surely a great live song !!
I cannot stop laughing hearing the lyrics of „Frei“. The song is a combination of Die Ärzte meets Kinderlieder-Zuckowski. Sounds like „Rotkäppchen and the big bad wolf“ in rock. I am so „frei“ to say that. The band fills the song with some sound samples and backing words that create a chaotic feeling. Disharmonic sounds near harmonic vocals and then moving to the shouted refrain. „Frei“ !!

„Abschiedslied“ is the last song of the album. Piano, sadly played, together with Halid as Udo Jürgens ( Ha ha, I would like to see Halid on stage wearing his white bath rope). The lyrics are full of alcoholic themes. Is this a hommage to Harald Juhnke ? Could be… in any case this is a song to hold your whiskey in both hands if you are sitting in your favourite bar. Sad, tragic…accusing. Good bye !!

As bonus there is seperate version of „Dank gilt meiner Fernbedienung“. Not much different to the original version….maybe played more hard.

I have never been to concerts of Rammstein or Die Ärzte and I would never go to one of those.
But I’ve been to Knorkator concerts sometimes and liked it a lot.
And that’s where I would describe the sound of TXL. It’s more in Knorkator waters than in the „famous“ german bands.

TXL do not care about any trends and success formulas. They are doing their own way…mainly pure dirty rock’n roll combined with lots of different elements like blues, swing, modern metal.
They bring a lot of fun elements together with some lyrics to think about.

I didn’t await a lot of this album, but TXL surprised me !!

The TXL airplane is fueled and ready to take off !! Now it is on my friend Holger to find the right airstrip to let them start….Do your best !! Germany: 8 points

Points. 8 / 10

Review by Kerbinator




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