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EMERALD - Unleashed



1. Face of Evil
2. F.T.M.
3. Another Universe
4. A Past Never Born
5. Eye of the Serpent
6. Harleking
7. Blessed
8. Ancient Mystery
9. Wrath of God

Release Date: 24 August 2012 – Pure Steel Records


“Show me your heroes telling you who you are”

If someone asks me what could be the future of Emerald; withouth knowing what the members want, I would say that they may wish to satisfy theirselves beyond anyone else. After that whoever likes them shall feel free to follow them. That thought comes after having listened to their new album “Unleased” many times. Not because it is a difficult album. On the other hand it’s so enjioyable that you will not be disappointed nor you will get excited as a full length.

Firstly, after five full – lengths it is obviously that the guys know how they must step each one sibe by side to the others. They are not playing anything new, while this is something unable, but they try to play the music they love. Yes, that means that their affects are alive, but not on a way that makes you leave this album behind. By the first track “Face of Evil” you can be sure that you will enjoy it. A liitle bit from the spirit of Judas Priest and some dose of Riot and you become one with the members. The fact that made me happy from the beginning is that they can be heard as a US power band through “Eye of the Serpent” or as a european band through “Harleking”. The speed of Riot is being combined with a pass through the epic side of Iron Maiden and then come some of the most erupted solos in the album.

The carry the strength to have their own sound and this is what a band must have. For example “A Past Never Born” which may be the best moment of the album, even if it’s the most melodic song, has no affects or elements from other bands. It comes straight throught the inspiration of the band. Apart from the good and excellent moments, there are also songs that cannot cover me to the fullest as others just like “Blessed” or “Ancient Mystery”. In the beginning I could find something interesting inside them, but after some listenings they were not the same. Do not take it for granted, some others will like them more than I do.

The band has excellent musicians, but the one who makes the difference for me is the new guy on vocals Thomas Winkler. He sounds certain for himself, he keeps high his voice where it’s necessary and then he’s going back. Sometimes his perfomances remind me of those from Bruce Dickinson. He does not have his voice, but if you listen carefully, you will see that he is doing it great. A nice album for those who want nice things without exaggerations.


Points: 7 / 10

Review by Dr. Feelgood



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