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VALOR - The Yonder Answer




  1. The Journey Begins 02:12
  2. The Answer’s Yonder 03:48
  3. On the Crossroads 04:06
  4. The Guides 06:01
  5. Follow Me 06:50
  6. The Bravest of them All 01:47
  7. Choices 04:47
  8. One Hand Red 04:24
  9. HUMAN 04:07
  10. Inner Nature 03:44


Release Date: 5 March 2013 – Pitch Black Records


“A Mystic Force”

In music we can separate albums in categories of the perfects, the very good, the bad and those that despite the fact of offering nothing new, the have the ability to move us. It seems like an emotional confession, but I swear that the second album of the Greeks Valor really moved me. It’s not the one that will change your thoughts, nor you are going to leave aside other albums, but it sounds unique in the abundance of the heavy/power kind.

What’s the formula of a simple album, yet strong to make the difference? Some familiar rhythms, melody and a strong imagination. Valor just play music without soliciting for themselves to be heard like someone else. Passionate galloping rhythms in “On the Crossroads” and “Human” that make you think of riding free and fast with the wind blowing in your face. US Power techniques in “The Answer’s Yonder” and “Inner Nature”. These two songs will certainly make you feel great and banged.

This is all? No! Behind the heavy riffs and the epic feeling of the whole atmosphere that the piano and the keyboards come to cover, there some awesome heroic guitar parts. The greatest example is “Follow Me”. It begins heavy and strong and it ends as melodically addictive as no other song in the album. You can also sing on your own the melody in the end. So simple and magical. Yet, Valor have another face, the technical one (or if you like call it light prog), that if they nurture it in the future some minds, including mine, will be blown! Listen to “The Guides” and stand together with its peace and the air of the US prog side.

I think that I have nothing more to say, except that Vaggelis Krouskas has a voice that is too difficult to say the known phrase “Oh he sounds like him or the other guy from those…”. Bless for him and the band. If you support them you will be awarded by their music and regrets will not have a place among your thoughts. Albums like “The Yonder Answer” create high expectations for the future.

Points: 8 / 10

Review by Dr.Feelgood



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