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VICINITY - Awakening




1. Mass Delusion

2. Opportunities Lost

3. Across the River

4. Walk All the Way

5. The Time for Change

6. Awakening


Release Date:  20.09.2013 - Pug-Nose Records


“When Dreams And Reality Unite”

It’s not a secret anymore that Norway in the last 5 – 7 years has managed to be among the well – known countries playing progressive metal. This is not happening because of the abundant bands, but mainly because of the quality of the albums that are being produced by the musicians. Vicinity are one of those bands that through their debut want to relate the love of the music that has been heard by the members and an ambition vision which is not unreachable.

In the press release I noticed that the band has received great comments for their EP “Diffusion of Innovation”. Although I haven’t listened to it yet, judging by their debut “Awakening” I can realize the reason for all those positive comments and even more to justify them. Vicinity having the ignorance of danger with them as young musicians, manage to convert their influences to vicarious. And I like that they gathered things strictly from the Dream theater’s period of “Images & Words” and from Symphony X “The Divine Wings of Tragedy”. You can also find small and hidden keys from Shadow Gallery or Rush.

The magic key of the band in all of its songs is lyricism. I can hear it in the guitars, in the melodies and harmonies and in the voice of  Alexander who does excellent work, as his voice is unique. As for the songs you will be surprised even in the third listening. “Mass Delusion” has a straight heavy rhythm section that entices every ear with it and in the second half of it everything changes. If a song of 5 minutes can do this, then any kind of description for the three “epic” and intricate songs “Opportunities Lost”, “Walk All the Way” and “Awakening” by me will be totally poor. Some may find those songs somewhere being tiresome as the unite of successful “radio” parts with an ambitious constant is not the easiest thing to carry through. At least this is up to everyone’s mood.

I’m really curious how Vicinity will go on with their next recordings. It is usual to say that the third album in the discography is the determinant one to further the sound, but we mustn’t forget that the second album sometimes may show more about the personal vision. So, search for the album and choose if it can be regarded as one of the tops of the year in its genre.

Points:  8 / 10

Review by Dr.Feelgood




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