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CREEPER - Welcome to Room #9



1. M for Murder
2. Now
3. Room #9
4. Powers of Hell
5. Noone will hear
6. Push It
7. The Magic
8. She can’t take it no more
9. Timmy
10. War Machine
11. Screaming Demon

Released: March 2012 – DSN Music


Texas metal band Creeper invites us to Room 9. If I am right this is the debut full lenght of this band that was formed in 2007. The album is called „Welcome to Room #9“ and if you have a look at the artwork this room shouldn’t be the best place to spend a harmonic day with friends and fun. Better don’t let the person out, that is looking through the bars.

In proper style the album starts with „M for Murder“. Cool riffing and pumping drumwork together with mostly screamed vocals of „Danimal“ Watkins are the essence of a hard but catchy opener. Midtempo thrash old school played.

Explosive followed by „Now“. Watkins screams his lungs out and Jimi Fritz plays the guitar with extreme power and partly hardcore vibes. Hateful, crazy, full of anger.

And now we enter „Room #9“. Strange guitar sequence in the beginning followed by a bombastique base riff. Sick vocals like Alice Cooper on speed. Remembers me a bit to Ozzy Osbourne in a harder (core) version. Nothing for metal gourmets…this is devilish stuff, sick and fearful.

„Powers of Hell“ next. Bass and drums first. Thrash riff to follow, like older Kreator. Watkins performs with more clean vocals here that makes the song near to harder US Metal bands of the past. Suspenseful song structure with hellish vocal parts in the refrain. Pure thrash song.

Balladesque start in „Noone will hear“. Warm and sensitive vocals that totally stand against what we heard before. Guitar’s playing an elegian part before the song moves again to another thrash smasher. Not too fast…more a midtempo song on stamping base. Watkins cannot abstain from screaming and so the ballad elements are gone soon. And the song reminds me to, yes, Metal Church at times of their debut.

„Push it“ is like the title promises…straight power, deep rooted in steel. David Wayne rememberance vocals and screams, based by a cool riff. Before the refrain the song is getting faster.
Even just…push it.

Wah Wah guitar intro in „The Magic“. Melodic, powerful anthem with lots of „oh..oh’s“ in the back.
Straight heavy metal lightning US style. Great performance by Watkins who sounds a bit as a mix of Metal Church and Testament vocalists. Killer song that ends with a dirty laughter.

Fast forward we move with „She can’t take it no more“. Again a terrific speedster with some core vibes. Furious whirlwind of hate that suddenly steps into a doom part with death growls.

„Timmy“ is talkin now. Childs phrases in front of Sabbath riffs before the song explodes. Pure sickness in vocals. Cool arrangements from spoken screams to horrified backing sounds. Stakkato riffing together with kickin drums support the fear that the song wants to spread…and it works.
Punk orientated horror track.

Now the „War Machine“ is coming. Extreme speedful song. Slayer ? Yes…definetely one influence for this track. But this is more. Extraordinary screams in the refrain. Typical for Danimal and again near to David Wayne or later Metal Church vocalists. Infernal guitar machineguns round up a speed thrasher upper class.

At least the demon screams itself. „Screaming Demon“is, who wonders, filled up with high screams. Uptempo to speed track with sagging guitar rhythms. Hectic in the refrain, angry and twisted. Double bass drums and modern beats…a song for the jumping dancefloor people.

I really was surprised about that release of a band that I didn’t heard about before. Creeper is mixing old school, US orientated (thrash/speed) metal with some core/punk and even modern elements. The songs are trademarked by Dan Watkins’ vocals, but also the rhythm section knows their job well. Only the guitar solos sound a little thin some times, maybe here the band can improve their sound in the future.

Summary, „Welcome to Room #9“ is a surprising fresh album, with good ideas and the listeners will not getting bored in any second. Together with the lyrical concept and the cool artwork Creeper is a worthy package for all who love their music hard and with style. Fans of old school US speed/thrash metal and also fans of modern core orientated music have to test the band. Outstanding album far away from being a clone.

Points: 8,5 / 10

Review by Kerbinator


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