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WINTER CRESCENT - Battle of Egos


1. Battle of Egos Intro
2. Battle of Egos Part I
3. Battle of Egos Part II
4. Furrow
5. My Last Will
6. Winter Crescent
7. Lost in Dreams

Release Date: 2009 – self-released

“Technique made in Psiloritis”

My happiness for this demo cannot be hidden. Firstly it is really hard to believe that I have to do with a demo and not with a full – length. This because its production is so perfect, all the instruments sound so clear, that nothing seems to be a drawback in this material. Especially this majestic drumming is from the best I have heard the last years. I am sure that none of may know these guys and I do not blame you for that. Winter Crescent come from Crete, the biggest island in Greece.

Now, what this demo may offer to you? If you are a progster trust that this material hardly will get out of your mind. They are playing progressive metal, but not on a ususal way. I am not saying that they are doing something new, but their way is not so common as what you are listening to the last months. Behind and inside their songs the technical art of Death exists, shouts, but it is not complaining for immitation. On the contrary, their deep inspiration make them create something personal that owns exclusivelly to them.

What if their lyrics are talking about spiritual fights of the human being. Yes, they are not the first who did that. As I have mentioned and in other texts; it does not matter what you write or present, but how you do it. Especially in the “Battle of Egos 2″ the lyrics could not have a better marrige with those sick – fats guitar parts. The progressive holocaust is being completed by the vocals of Nikos Spiridakis. He may not be the best singer, but his deep contribution and his emotional sync gives another tone to the music. Sometimes he reminds me of the way that Warrel Dane used to sing in Nevermore.

I hope this demo will be just the beginning of a great musical travel for Winter Crescent. I am saying that because some bands are used to releasing great demos or EPs, but their continuity with their albums is not commensurate to what the first did. So can not wait for their first full – length and guys out there check this demo without any doubt!

Points: 9 / 10

Review by Dr. Feelgood