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“Moon: The Source of the Lost Souls”


ZEMIAL - Nykta

A production that smells natural landscape, without the touch of the contemporary hand, songs that create imaginative landscapes in the mind and lyrics that behind all the modern pretexts emanate a truth that humanity does not accept it. All those things are existed in a black/thrash album? Oh yes. And add that the most songs prove the progressive way of thinking of Archon Vorskaath, the only leader of Greeks Zemial.

How does it seem to you having in your hands a black/thrash album, carrying within prog rock elements that take it far from the usual things? Such as a surprise? Maybe and yet the most pleasant surprise you couldn’t expect. From one side you feel through the listening the spirit of the early Bathory, late Darkthrone and Venom (but not as aloud as the Swedish band). “Ancient Arcane Scrolls”, “Under Scythian Command” and “Breathe of Pestilence” are the example of the simplest black/thrash songwriting with a riffing that either attracts you more and more or in seconds touches the limits of heavy/speed sound.

On the other side, you are facing songs in which the marriage of black with prog rock seems the most normal thing in music. Through “In the Arms of Hades” and “Pharos” we stop talking about simple and daily songs. We are talking about Culture, the vector of art, which music ministers. Here Archon unfolds his deepest vision with touches that invoke to Camel (in my point of view) and his personal sign through the Mediterranean melodies on guitars and the sci-fi keyboards leading to a majestic result. And if those two songs are the longest, pay all your attention to the five minute “The Small”. His title is a huge paradox, as it is an eternity on its own. Every second of sound is an image to my eyes, ears and mind.

Like this album, there are some out there, but the theme is who’s paying the right attention on them… Whether you like black/thrash or not, do not miss the chance to listen to “Nykta”. I repeat, it’s not a common album and yet the Egyptian atmosphere on keyboards and the grafical performance of Archon capturing you, like the light of the full moon attracts you.



  1. Ancient Arcane Scrolls
  2. Eclipse
  3. Under Scythian Command
  4. In the Arms of Hades
  5. Breathe of Pestilence
  6. Deathspell
  7. The Small
  8. Pharos
  9. Out of the Cage

Release Date:  31 October 2013

Label:  Hells Headbangers Records

Points:  8 / 10

Review by Dr. Feelgood





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